Back Office

Back Office: tasks that are required to keep your district running smoothly and efficiently but that do not actually make up the core of the business


Are you wearing too many hats?

Do you move from crisis to crisis?

Are you ignoring your core job because you are fighting ancillary issues?

Do you cringe when you hear words like Payroll, Accounts Payable, Budget, PEIMS, TEA?

Do you hire people to fix the problems above and find you are just training them and they leave?

JR3’s Back Office may be your solution. Our TASBO certified staff members have years of experience working with ISD’s and Charter school administration providing high quality services  in a back office arrangement.  We work as an extension of your district, to provide end-to-end services. We will sit down with you and determine how to complement your existing staff or work on a process that allows you to reallocate staff as needed. Call today to talk about Back Office; it may be your best “call” yet.


Back Office Services Include:

1. Accounting

  • Maintain Accounting ledgers as required by Independent Auditors in compliance with TEA regulations
  • Submit financial records to independent auditor in format requested
  • Provide Internal Audit to assist district staff in verifying data integrity for audit submission
  • Reconcile bank Statements
  • Process submitted requisitions and purchase orders
  • Track encumbrance of funds
  • Prepare vouchers for printing or electronic payment
  • Post receipts
  • Prepare 1099’s for distribution
  • Obtain W9’s

2. Budget Management

  • Assist Superintendent in budget preparation in compliance with FASRG
  • Post receipts and track revenues
  • Report budget violations to Superintendent and Board
  • Budget Tracking and cash flow reporting

3. Reporting

  • Submit state reports including but not limited to TRAQS, TWC
  • Submit federal reports including but not limited to W2’s, 941’s and 1099’s
  • Maintenance of Effort Schedules

4. Payroll Administration

  • Complete payrolls monthly from data submitted and approved by district
  • Assist district in maintenance of Payroll/HR files in compliance with state and federal requirements
  • Electronic submission of approved payrolls
  • Prepare printed checks for district approval and distribution
  • Distribute electronic check stubs and information to employees
  • Report TRAQS, 941’s, Workers Compensation, Unemployment

5. Human Resources

  • Benefits
  • Compliance

6. Internal Audit

  • Internal audit of finance and payroll information
  • Internal audit of Student Information System data
  • Internal audit of PERMS data

7. Federal Programs Administration

  • Prepare and submit allocated state and federal grants after consultation with district in utilization of funds.
  • Expenditure reports and recommendation of grant draws to Superintendent
  • Budget tracking

8. External Audit Preparation and Interface

9. PEIMS Reporting

  • Work with districts on the four data submissions required.
  • Provide support in interpreting PEIMS errors and work with district staff to resolve

10. FSP

  • Prepare and submit information for attendance and special populations reporting for six week reports


  • Submit weekly report to TEA for Student enrollment tracking.
  • Work with district to determine data discrepancies and help to resolve.