The Complete Software

This easy to use software is a secure, flexible, web browser based, integrated package that will provide any sized school with the tools necessary, for now and the future, to track their students, and business office functions. WebSmart by JR3, because of the creative way it is written and how the software is uniquely structured, may be easily scaled to fit the needs and requirements of any sized Texas school.

All that is required is for the school to have high speed internet connectivity. The district controls the depth and degree of access granted to individuals who use this web based software.

This software was written and tested by experienced Texas school business office personnel and Texas student services personnel who helped design and implement an intuitive, web browser based package that would fulfill the requirements set by Texas law and administrative needs to economically and efficiently manage and govern Texas Schools.


This easy to use software is:

  • Web Browser Based
  • Requires high speed internet access
  • Hosted on JR3 servers
  • Equipped with automatic data updates from JR3 servers


  • District controls degree and level of access
  • District controls and stores all backups
  • Standards-based authentication and encryption
  • Access control assignable to IP address level


  • Meets the needs of any size district
  • Compatible with multiple data bases from MYSQL to Oracle
  • Operates on one laptop or multiple servers


  • Multi-year online access
  • Seamless access from finance to student services for PEIMS

Texas Compliant

  • PEIMS compliant integrates Texas PEIMS code
  • Complies with all FASRG standards
  • TRS TRAQS compliant
  • Texas audit friendly
  • Complies with all required state and federal reports including new required web based financial reports
  • Electronic submissions
  • NACHA compliant for electronic payroll


  • Automatic Student Services and Business Applications integration
  • Meets PEIMS requirements with no duplicated data
  • PEIMS submissions does not require merging of data

Business software Includes:

  • Human Resources
  • Payroll
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Purchasing/Requisition
  • Budget Management

Student software includes:

  • Teacher Grade Book
  • Student Demographics
  • Student Attendance
  • Grade Reporting
  • Student Permanent Record Transcripts
  • Individual Student Discipline Reports
  • Student Health Records
  • Special Education
  • Scheduling
  • Parent Portal