JDox Records Management

Affordable and Simple Electronic Document Management

JDox Records Management (formerly iCap) is the fast track to the Paperless Office. JDox is: easy to install, easy to use, and affordable for small or large organizations, and of course, JDox will operate within the web-based environment you already have in your school or office.

The Approach – Simple and Intuitive

If you can use a filing cabinet, you can use JDox. It’s really that simple. The only difference is that instead of storing paper documents in a physical folder, JDox customers access digital documents from their desktops.

Just about any kind of document can be stored in the JDox system. Users can save standard documents, such as Excel spreadsheets and Word files. Or they can scan paper documents and upload them into the application. Once documents are stored, authorized users can not only view the files they need to see but can download a copy to print, email or save locally. Additionally, every version of every document is uniquely numbered to prevent accidental overwrites and deletions.

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