I’ve told more than one person this……WebSmart has turned out to be absolutely the best decision we have ever made concerning value-add partners.  The knowledge they have and the support they provide have  made what would have been a very tumultuous time into one of measured and predicted success.

 -Eddie Conger, ILT

We have now been using WebSmart for about 2 ½ months and I have never seen the kind of support you provide.  In last 26 years I have I have never seen a software vendor who did not “over promise and under deliver”.  I have almost always been disappointed at some level.  But WebSmart is a “different animal.”  I would like to know how you do it. No one can touch your support.

-Leonard Brannon, Reconciliation Academy


We have been with WebSmart for over 5 years and we have always received incredible support and service. I cannot say enough good things about your product and staff .

-Lisa Robinson, Wayside Schools

WebSmart is by far the best Student Information System that I’ve ever used. The software is incredibly user-friendly, and the process for data entry is so streamlined, that it really makes managing your school’s vital information almost fool-proof! The comprehensiveness in reporting from WebSmart really simplifies the process of accruing and reviewing data for all of our school’s needs. Our teachers and staff all rave about the simple interface that makes their workloads so much easier to tackle.

The WebSmart support team at JR3 can not be matched. They literally offer 24/7 assistance to their customers, making themselves available for immediate assistance even on weekends and evenings! Whether you just need technical support or more in-depth help with questions regarding state standards, a friendly representative from JR3 is never more than a phone call away, ready and willing to help you tackle any problem!

I can not say enough how much WebSmart has made my work life so much easier. I love working with this software and all of the wonderful folks over at JR3, and can’t imagine ever going back to any other SIS! Thank you, WebSmart – you all truly are the best!

-Melissa Barrera, WALIPP-TSU Preparatory Academy