ssae-certificationJR3 Education Associates was started by four original partners in 2001 to provide employment options for retired teachers. Being already retired Superintendents and educators themselves, they felt that while a teacher could retire they shouldn’t be compelled to buy antiquated, subjective and punitive regulations. As a result, products were vetted and the JR3 Retire-Rehire product was announced to a growing and clamoring market. The degree of success of the Retire-Rehire project surprised everyone except the partnership and those who knew of the company. As a result, the validated performance of the inaugural product compelled and propelled JR3 onto bigger and better things.

Not resting on their recent business success, the partnership re-directed efforts into addressing another shortcoming in the public education arena; outdated and underperforming reporting software for Finance and Student information. Using a web-based platform to eliminate unnecessary site based costs, a completely clean-sheet software design and a dogged determination, the new product dubbed WebSmart, was tested, revised, retested and finally released to the Public School market in June of 2007.

Fast forwarding to today and following WebSmart’s tremendous market success, JR3 WebSmart continues to be innovative in addressing the Public School Market with new cutting edge processes and product refinement. WebSmart Software is more robust than ever before, a new and affordable school centric Records Management Process is in place via JDox, customized back offices services are growing and thriving therefore resulting in the culmination of JR3’s most promising offering… WebSmart-i.

WebSmart-i is the gathering and confluence of all JR3 products into one entry point with multiple levels of detail of process and information. Every data item in WebSmart-i tells a story with linked documentation, process compliance and mandated security. The productivity of WebSmart-i approaches the likes never seen before and may not again for many years to come. Some would say…Lighting has struck twice in the same place… and it’s JR3.

Although two of the original partners have changed, the mission of JR3 will not. We will continue to support Public Schools in their efforts to successfully operate, report and comply to an ever changing education market. Educating our children should be the paramount goal in today’s world economy, and JR3 understands that and will do its part to provide cost effective, clear and concise products along with a support team that is caring and knowledgeable.